Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers

For a long time, the traditional route of selling your home was through a Realtor. ????

A Realtor is the key player in making suggestions on home improvements, listing and showing the house, finding a buyer, handling buyer communication, and delegating the closing.

There are hundreds of thousands of Realtors who do this every day & CRUSH IT in their field.

But what if there is an alternative option to sell your property for cash with less hassle? ????

By less hassle, we mean without fees, commissions, out of pocket expenses, open houses, cleanings, or repairs required.

That is where we can help.

We believe that being informed is the key to a smooth and successful sale.

Many homeowners are unaware of their options and others just don’t know where to start or what’s involved. Let’s address some common questions we receive about selling with us:

How does your process work?

Our process is pretty simple…almost so simple it’s hard to believe.

1) Get In Touch: A simple 10 minute phone call will allow us to learn your goals.

2) Get Together: We’ll meet you and the house to understand how we can help.

3) Analysis: We’ll analyze your property using the latest market data and more.

4) Get The Cash: We’ll make you a cash offer. Get cash in as little as 10 days!

How do you determine if it’s a “fair” offer?

As a seller, your goal is to get top dollar for your home, which we strive to meet.

However, when we buy, we buy the property AS-IS.

That often means without any repairs being made and no cleaning done. Depending on the situation, we can sometimes help with moving costs and clearing out any unwanted items.

We do extensive market research and analyze trends.

We determine our cash offer by considering this market data, what the repairs will cost us, and most importantly, your desired offer.

With all things considered, our consultations are non-obligatory.

How quickly can you close?We can close as quickly as 10 days. We’ve also worked with sellers who needed more time in the house. Either way, we will work on YOUR timeline, as quickly or as long as you need.

What type of houses do you buy?

We buy houses in any location, in any condition, any size. In fact, the more work it needs – the better! Whether your house is big or small, outdated or with new updates, close to downtown or in the suburbs, we will consider buying it!

Aren’t you just one of those corporate companies that flips houses?

We do buy houses and make necessary repairs for resale. However, our main focus is in providing Real Estate Solutions.

This includes helping a seller facing foreclosure avoid losing their home by buying their house directly from them & avoiding damaged credit. It’s also about helping a family who just lost a loved one, left with a property they have no clue what to do with. It’s simply showing a seller that whether or not they choose to sell with a realtor, they have alternative options aside from the traditional route.

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