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Cash Home Buyers – Rocky Creek Before and After

Why We Love Being Cash Home Buyers

One of our favorite aspects of being cash home buyers is the opportunity to help a homeowner out of a difficult situation. The home at Rocky Creek is an example of one of the many homeowners we’ve been able to help. So what’s the story behind this house?

The original homeowner had bought this house in Pflugerville, Texas,  26 years ago and had it a a rental home for many years. During our first meeting with the homeowner (Mr. M), he shared that he had been trying to make some repairs and updates to the home himself for a few months. The previous tenants had purposely trashed the home when he refused to renew the lease due to previous issues. For this reason the house had been vacant for several months and he still had a way to go before it would be move in ready. Mr. M had been struggling to make these much needed repairs as he is of senior age and working all by himself due to budget limitations. 

Mr. M expressed that he was at his wit’s end with the house and was open to hearing a reasonable offer. After this first meeting EZ Prime Offer assessed the condition of the house and evaluated the market in the area and was able to make Mr. M a good offer. We emphasized the fact that if he sold to us he would have no commision or closing costs and best of all he did not have to fix one more thing in the house. Needless to say he accepted the offer and closed after only 3 weeks. 

Let’s Get to Flipping

Our plan after closing on Rocky Creek was to do a complete flip (home renovation). We went to work with our trusted contractors and the help of Adriana and Michelle on the design side. Once we started work on the home we realized there were more issues with the home than expected. The previous tenants had done some serious and intentional damage and we were able to see the extent once we started the renovations. They had done some damage such as: purposely clogging the sinks, pouring paint on the floors, breaking appliances and more. No worries though because our handy contractor was able to uncover and resolve all of the issues. 

After a few months and the renovation being completed Adriana was able to list the house on the market and we got a great offer. The house was purchased by a lovely couple that was moving from Chicago.

We’re pleased to share some of the before and after pictures. Please watch the videos below. I hope you like the new and improved Rocky Creek as much as we do!



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